Our people make the difference. At Interdyne, we set our standards high and accept nothing less than superiority from our employees and management staff.

Our people are trained to listen to our customers’ concerns and needs in order to design the best possible solution for the customer and not just Interdyne. Our people continually update their skill sets, through educational and vocational courses to stay current with the technological advancements and changes in international business practices. In addition, Interdyne's ownership and management continually reinforces our mission statement of transparency, integrity, and good business ethics to all our clients and customers.

Interdyne places the right personnel in the right working environment to ensure success for the customer. In remote and difficult working environments throughout the world, it is imperative that employees have sufficient cultural knowledge of the host country in order to thrive and successfully complete projects. It is Interdyne's policy to thoroughly screen individuals to ensure they are suitable to work in a specific environment. Before we place an individual on a challenging assignment, Interdyne evaluates and grades the candidates for the position, looking at each individual’s experience, education and personality traits in order to match them against the customer’s requirement. We like to avoid risk whenever possible and it is our company philosophy that we do not take risks with our customers’ and clients’ goodwill or the goodwill of the people we employ.

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