Recent Projects

USACE Egyptian Navy Operations & Maintenance (2003 – 2012):

Interdyne performed as the Prime contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) MED Contract #W912ER-09-C-0008 for Operations & Maintenance and construction in Support of the Egyptian Navy from 2008 to 2013, as a follow on contract to our previous contract # W912ER-04-C-0010 from 2003-2008. In May of 2013, Interdyne completed our second 5 year contract at Ras El Tin Egyptian Navy Base in Alexandria, Egypt. Thru these two contracts, we provided USACE with Program Management services, Operations & Maintenance support of facilities & equipment, preventative maintenance services, equipment repair & refurbishment, new equipment procurement & logistics, spares inventory, installation, electrical systems maintenance, technical training, civil engineering services, as-built drawings, building & roof systems inspection & renovation, building inspections, maintenance, & repair, demolition, construction of new buildings, IT services, Computerized Management System (CMMS) & U.S. government personnel living support for the Egyptian Military at Ras El Tin Egyptian Navy Base. Our original 5 year contract from 2003-2008 had a total value of $12,500,00.00 and our second 5 year contract from 2008-2013 had a total value of $16,000,000.00. Due to the low cost of labor in Egypt, these contracts actually had a much larger scope than a usual contract of this value. Interdyne supported an 85 person labor team, maintained over 1340 pieces of equipment, and performed over 900 task orders in the contract’s final option year (2012-2013). USACE MED and the Egyptian Navy were so impressed with our work at Ras El Tin Navy Base that they have awarded this contract to us consecutively for 10 years.

Interdyne performed numerous civil engineering and construction projects under this contract. For example, in June of 2011, USACE MED awarded Interdyne with the Construction of the new O&M Support Building at Ras El Tin Egyptian Navy Base. This building was comprised of two floors with an approximate total area of 450 square meters. The first floor included a maintenance workshop area comprised of three bays and three workshops for tools, electrical, and mechanical repairs and an extra area for utilities. The second floor houses engineering offices. The total construction cost was $450,000.00 and the work was complete in March of 2012.

In November of 2012, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Middle East District (MED) awarded Interdyne with a construction project for the Design/Build of the new Mobilization Building at Ras El Tin Egyptian Navy Base. This project was for the Design & Build of a one-story facility with an approximate gross area of 10M X 25M. The building houses offices, storage space, and utilities. The total cost of this project was approximately $330,000.00 and was complete in May of 2013.