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SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) has made electronic procurement of Engineering, Financial, and Program Management support services a reality. Using SeaPort-e, the Navy Virtual SYSCOM (VS) Commanders (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP and SPAWAR) has adopted an integrated approach to contracting for support services. The Seaport E-portal provides a standardized means of issuing competitive solicitations amongst a large & diverse community of approved contractors, as well as a platform for awarding & managing performance-based task orders. This unified approach allows SeaPort-e service procurement teams to leverage their best work products, practices, & approaches across the Navy's critical service business sector. Simply stated, SeaPort-e provides a faster, better, & more cost-effective means of contracting for professional support services.

Current Task Orders

N00178-14-D-7337 Task Order 0001

Service Experience

Interdyne Corporation has proven past performance and core competencies for the following proposed Functional Areas:

Functional Area 16: Logistics Support
Functional Area 17: Supply and Provisioning Support

Quality Assurance

Interdyne Corporation has been successfully performing logistics & procurement services for the Government as a small business for over 22 years. Interdyne adheres to a Quality Control (QC) plan that we have developed and that has been approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Our Quality Control (QC) plan is designed to produce 100% effective results. We put together a new QC plan specific to each contract that we work on and submit it to the Government for their input and approval. Once approved, the QC plan is overlaid and managed on each task order by the assigned Program Manager. The Program Manager is responsible for making sure that the QC steps which have been approved on the Master QC plan are being adhered to and followed. In addition, the President of Interdyne reviews the QC documentation on each task order before, during, and after completion to make sure that the QC plan has been adhered to. Company promotion and bonuses are based upon successful Quality Assurance.

Interdyne strictly adheres to our QC plan, providing qualified personnel who are trained to be highly efficient and consistent on every project they work on. Each of our employees is trained in multiple processes so that they can easily fill in for their fellow employee. Our quality control processes ensure checks and balances so that all important procurement and shipping documents are viewed by at least two sets of eyes to ensure consistency and accuracy. Interdyne actively seeks and receives customer and client feedback on contractual performance on a monthly basis. We review all contractual evaluations with each member of our staff assigned to the contract in order to continually improve performance. Interdyne’s Program Manager reviews all performance evaluations and makes the necessary adjustments to correct any problems.

When performing logistics & procurement services, Interdyne ensures that all shipments are inspected for damage when received at our facilities and before being transported to the end-customer. All orders are inspected for accuracy by comparing the contents with the task order to make sure all items and quantities are correct. All parts are counted and we make sure nothing is missing, broken, or damaged. We also make sure to obtain the best pricing when it comes to procurement in order to pass savings to the Government. When we send requests for quotation, we thoroughly research the product and reach out to multiple vendors. We then receive multiple quotations and are able to compare pricing and get the best deal for the Government.

Points of Contact

Customer Satisfaction
Richard Hester, President
(704) 660-9172
[email protected]

Program Information
Jaclyn Brzezinski
Director of Technical Services
(704) 660-9172
[email protected]